Albuterol is a bronchodilator that relaxes muscles in the airways and increases air flow to the lungs. Albuterol inhalation is used to treat or prevent bronchospasm in people with reversible obstructive airway disease. It is also used to prevent exercise-induced bronchospasm.

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Can i buy albuterol inhaler online ?? anon81880 Post 58 It top 10 drugstore gel eyeliners took me a long time, but I found a company that can order medications online and ship it's really reliable and you don't have to go by weight or age. You can tell them what need and I've been buying their products for years and they always say they're free, but I really have no idea how or where I can find it. I've read all kinds of conflicting information; I guess the website should list product. anon81465 Post 57 I found a company that sends medications to my house. They have delivery confirmation so it takes only a few minutes to get. It is cheaper than going to the pharmacy. anon81581 Post 56 i have a bad heart condition with congestive failure, and i have to take albuterol treat my heart condition. i have been taking it for 3 years, works great, and i take one a day. then i started thinking that it would be better to do it in a bottle and put it in a water with little bit of lemon juice and sugar. then if i was doing a long run i would put the bottle in a little container and put half of my drink on top it. Then i used it like to go the gym. but then i realized how difficult it was with a lot of drinks to get. i have been asking my doctor to see if i could have an inhaler with a smaller bottle and maybe you could help me? if it would be helpful. i will use your site. anon82180 Post 55 @Rufus: Do you know of or own a website that sells the medication directly to people? Yes, this can be done and is possible. anon81437 Post 54 I have a heart condition. In the past I was prescribed medications by a physician, but with the rise of e-coli, there has not been much use for these medicines. It is my understanding that some medications are no longer available. The reason I need a heart medication is to get the maximum amount of oxygen to my organs. This requires a lot of energy and unfortunately in my condition, this is not possible by myself. Currently I am on a cardiogram every two hours. This requires more energy than my heart is capable of supporting. Do you have any information regarding this? Also, I have been reading a forum post about product called Analgesic for the Heart, and I can't believe the people who write on it are not aware that this is a heart medication. It also says to apply on the lips, but I have never had any problem with an itching sensation. Any advice on this and what are the side effects? Thanks in advance. anon73763 Post 53 I am on the fence. I'm oral antibiotics for my gut but I have been taking topical antihistamine since I found out I'm allergic and have no choice but to take them. There have been several times that I have heard about a medication that would treat allergies without the side effects of medications such as antihistamines. Is there a thing? anon73303 Post 52 I am on meds for my allergies so I bought antihistamine and for a few days I never had an allergic reaction to anything. I'm on it for now. If it's going bad, I'm to stop it. I want try this since my allergy meds are getting expensive and I want to be able treat myself at home when needed and not have to visit the doctor. anon73217 Post 51 I took a long run and went to the doctor he found an issue but told me to keep taking albuterol online purchase it. As soon my long run was over I took the antibiotics and am already feeling better. I just want to know if I can ask the doctor if I can stop the meds immediately after. It's starting to make me anxious as the longer I have to go on the meds tougher it is to breathe, but I want test my lungs Albuterol 40 Pills 100mg $179 - $4.48 Per pill a bit. I don't really care that they aren't working, but it's bothering me. --K. anon71167 Post 50 I'm just starting a new job and I'm going to be on my first prescription for asthma medication. If I take it as prescribed, should start taking effect in 3-4 days but I know they say it takes one to two weeks, but that doesn't sound right to me... I want take up the risk of taking medication as prescribed but I'm in a rush! I haven't had an asthmatic attack yet, but I'm thinking of giving it a try as I really need it to be effective. I read a lot of stuff, though, to see if I can take it as prescribed if I'm worried about the side effects.

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